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Mara Minuzzo

Mara Minuzzo is a multi-disciplinary artist working across mediums that include oils, acrylics, metal and wood to create her dramatic paintings and sculptures. She works in oils to create vibrant and strikingly graphic abstract paintings composed of fluid interconnecting shapes. The addition of solid brass inlay to some of these recent works add an unexpected element of dimensionality and material contrast to striking visual effect. As a multi-faceted artist whose practice also includes works of intricately detailed contemporary realism, her abstract works represent a refreshing counterbalance to the formality of her figurative work. With her abstract 

compositions she explores the interaction of colour, line and shape, combining these three simple elements to create compelling and playful interplays infused with a sense of joy. Her deliberate use of visible, sweeping brush strokes and flowing black lines evokes an additional sense of movement and lively energy. Mara Minuzzo's work is regularly exhibited at major international art fairs and is held in private collections worldwide. She lives and works in Caledon, a green belt area just north of Toronto, Canada.

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